Sunday, September 7, 2008

Behind The Hate-The Killing Fields
The Cabrini Green housing projects located on the wealthy end of the North Side known as the Gold Coast popularized by movies and tv such as Good Times, Cooley High Candy Man, The History Channel's Gangland and made infamous by Mayor Jayne Byrne, the Gangster Disciples, the vicious attack of "Girl X" and the subject of the video below the 1992 shooting of seven year old Dantrell Davis in an area referred to in the 90's as "the killing fields" because of sniper fire between gangs at war for money power and respect. Sixteen years later Cabrini Green's high rise buildings have been destroyed and rebuilt into mixed income housing Chicago gangs the Mickey Cobras and Gangster Disciples have relocated to different city blocks but have the city streets and city hall learned from the politics of Chicago's past? The question was rhetorical. Labor Day weekend's 2008 shooting on the 8700 block of 10 year old Nequiel Williams while tieing her blind 5 year old sister's shoe tells me my city ain't learned sh!t.

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