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Behind The Hate-And Eternity
Marilyn Castro and her daughter Eternity, came from Allentown, PA aunt Ruthie Zayas for the summer. Zayas and Castro moved from the Chicagoland area 14 years ago in order to escape the gang violence associated with the streets of Chicago. Unfortunately that reality came to life this weekend when Eternity Gaddy died Labor Day morning after being shot in the head while hanging out with family and friends in Humboldt Park on Homan and Potomac when shots were fired from about 30 yards into the alley around 2 a.m. August 31. They had just spent the evening celebrating because Eternity and her family were planning to board a Greyhound bus Sunday morning for Allentown.

"When the night hits, it's a different world out here monsters come out" a neighbor on Potomac said the news rattled the block mostly because the victim is a child. Gunfire is so common that parents do not go out after dark with their children for fear of gang members who "sneak out of gangways." In an attempt to remind parents and guardians about curfew laws Chicago Police Supt. Jody Weis released a statement August 29 pointing out just how dangerous the streets get after dark. Since the beginning of the year, 63 juveniles have been shot after curfew.
source-chicago tribune
Nations known in the area Latin Kings and Vice Lords

On The Corner-T.I. And WGCI Go To Chicago State

Video Of The Week-Common's Announcement

312 I sit back relax with Chicago on my back

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Trendsetters-Jordan Heads
“What’s not to love?” said Damien DeAnda, 16, of Chicago. “You can wear them to ball; to the mall; to go out. Michael Jordan flew above and beyond, and it’s reflected in his shoes.” That was the love for the shoe that director Calvan Fowler was in Chicago this past weekend at the United Center to document the cult of Air Jordan afficianados known as Jordan heads. Filmmakers interviewed three Chicago area residents a 17-year-old who works three jobs to feed his Jordan addiction, a mom who built a secured room for her kid’s Jordan collection, and a local man who has 402 pairs of Jordans. “They take this a bit more seriously than the average sneakerhead, there’s a man and a legacy involved," said Calvan Fowler.

The documentary (, expected to be completed next year, is unlimited in its appeal, asserted Fowler, who is from Brooklyn, N.Y.

Behind The Hate-Political Breakdown

Behind The Hate-Uganda Kids Hate Chicago
AIDS has stole these kids parents so to avoid being sold for cents a day on some save the children commercial for some christian tv ministry they leave a Ugandan orphanage on a world tour just to get robbed on a Sunday at church in Chicago. Then two Chicago residents cut a check for the back to Africa kids choir. A few days later as the African connection prepares to return to Uganda they discover not only were their laptops and clothes their econovan's spare tires were stolen too. I feel for the City if we get the 2016 Olympics.

Behind The Hate-Let's Go To Jail
"I'm not playing this off like I'm some suffering saint, I believe that I can be a better sheriff by having a better understanding of jail operations from the perspective of an inmate, because the idea came to me while attending a law-enforcement leadership conference at Willow Creek Community Church in Barrington, I believe it is divinely inspired." Curran's intentions were to learn how to improve programs to help inmates succeed on the outside and draw attention to initiatives in the jail that might work to decrease recidivism in state prisons.

The sheriff will spend his first three nights in one of the jail's dorm-style accommodations, according to jail officials. While other inmates in that area sleep in beds arranged in rows in a large room, the sheriff will have his own 6-by-8-foot cell. From there he will spend two nights in a general population cell that is one of several arranged around a day room where inmates play cards and watch television. Curran also will spend a night in the maximum-security segregation unit and the jail's medical unit, he said.

While in jail, he took a parenting and family communication class, sat in with a substance abuse group and worked on a road-cleanup crew. Upon release on Aug 20th, Curran, a Catholic saved his religious fire and brimstone rebuke for the Illinois Department of Corrections which he blamed for allowing conditions that led gangs to within the walls of its prisons. The state prison system "has treated inmates like caged animals, only to see them released back into their communities angrier and more bitter than they originally were and programs at the Lake county jail which can hold 740 inmates are truly special" he said.

President Obama and the Democrats

Obama Watch-DNCC '08 Chicago Connection
Oprah's side chick in the Mile High City courtesy of YBF

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Behind The Hate-Garfield Park Gunshots
Nicole Polk was playing on the front porch of her West Garfield Park home when the 8-year-old felt a sharp pain in her abdomen She made it to the door and knocked to be let in. It turned out she had been shot, possibly by a stray bullet "She didn't hear anything, she didn't even know she was shot. All she kept saying was my stomach hurts" said Nicole's sister Norita Polk.

The youngest of eight siblings, Nicole was looking forward to starting 2nd grade next week "This is unbelievable instead of getting ready for school, she's in the hospital recovering." Police said they had no leads, no description of a suspect and no reports of any other shooting or violent incidents near where the girl was shot. Police are asking anyone with information to come forward.

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So Sexy-Bernadette Stanis

Behind The Hate-Death Around The Corner

Nations known in the area CVL, BPSN, MCN, GDN

Nations known in the area BDN, GDN, APACHE STONES, CVL

Trendsetters-Pete Wentz+Diddy @ FNMTV

Wild 100's-Michael Jordan Not The Father

haters_mj_baby_mama.bmp (499 KB)
the above picture is not lisa miceli

A northwestern Pennsylvania woman who claims Michael Jordan fathered her son is still in jail because a judge says she hasn't promised not to bother Jordan.

A Crawford County judge barred 35-year-old Lisa Miceli from contacting the former Chicago Bulls star but the judge who jailed Miceli last week says a letter she wrote promising to comply wasn't good enough.

In an order Thursday, the judge says Miceli will serve all of her two- to six-month contempt sentence unless she writes another letter "that states without question" she will follow the court order.

Jordan sued Miceli this year to enforce a 2005 agreement to stop contacting him after two DNA tests showed he isn't the boy's father.

source chicago tribune

Behind The Hate-Uptown Saturday Night
"How do you build a community of people who come from different places and react to the same experiences differently?" Ald. Helen Shiller (46th) said. "The danger we face is not building one community." Uptown statistics coincides with a broader trend in city crime that saw a 2 percent increase in violence in the first seven months of 2008 when compared to the same period last year, and an 18 percent jump in homicides and a 6 percent increase in robberies. Uptown has one of the cities highest population of Whites, Blacks and Latinos Southeast Asians and American Indians about which 63,000 people benefit from Chicago social services and are low-income residents. At Senn High School, students speak 65 languages.

Battles for gang leadership in the lakefront neighborhood have upset that delicate balance, fueling a political standoff between poor renters against professionals homeowners which many fear will destroy the future of Chicago's most diverse neighborhood. Police statistics for Uptown show murders, aggravated assaults, burglaries, rapes and robberies, have been down over the last eight years. Over the last two years, police say the neighborhood's main gangs—franchises the Gangster Disciples, Conservative Vice Lords and Black P Stones have learned to cooperate with their criminal endeavors sharing street corners, living in the same buildings and often are arrested in the same cars, Town Hall District Tactical Lt. Robert Stasch said. Current police operations have targeted gang leadership and their drug trade, specifically the Black Stones, the most recent operation ended in mid-July Town Hall District Cmdr. Kathleen Boehmer said. The recent power vacuum kicked off this summer has sparked fights for street cred among young members and is being played out on residential blocks in plain view of the public.

Trendsetters-KeKe Palmer Longshots Premiere

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wild 100's- Da Brat A Civil Brand

Halloween 2007- On the night of Oct. 31, 2007, Harris went to a private Halloween party at Studio 72, a Lawrenceville Highway nightclub owned by rap mogul Jermaine Dupri. At some point she bumped into Shayla Stevens, an Atlanta Falcons cheerleader working as a hostess at the event.

Moments later, Harris struck Stevens in the head with a nearly full bottle of rum, prosecutors said. Stevens fell down some stairs to a cement floor and suffered a severe facial cut. Stevens has a permanent scar, the judge said Friday in noting the severity of the attack. She was arrested and was released from Dekalb County Jail after posting a $50,000 bond. In a separate civil case, Stevens is suing Harris for unspecified medical and other costs. The case is pending.

Spring 2000-Atlanta police arrested Harris after she struck a woman at a Buckhead bar. She was sentenced to 12 months of probation

Summer 2008-Superior Court Judge Gail Flake also sentenced the rapper, whose real name is Shawntae Harris, to seven years probation and 200 hours of community service. Harris also must get substance abuse treatment and a mental evaluation and attend anger management classes.

“She feels a great deal of remorse for what she did,” said Harris’s lawyer, Thomas Clegg. “She is willing to accept responsibility for what she has done.”

A handful of Harris’s family sat on the back row of the courtroom. They wept when a sheriff’s deputy took her into custody.

“I love y’all,” Harris, 34, said as she was led out of the courtroom.

“We love you too” the relatives replied in unison.

source update from Crunk N Disorderly and

Video Of The Week-Because I'm Hollywood

Trendsetters-Kanye's Pastelle Company

Behind The Hate-Dangerous Minds
Looking for a nice pic to match this post right here and found this promotional photo of the Dangerous Minds TV show and was surprised to see a young and sexy Tamala Jones circa 1996.

Behind The Hate-From Englewood To Your Hood

Wild 100's-Drunk Man On Campus

watching this video reminded me of the Transformer kid when he got arrested for getting drunk and disorderly with a Walgreen's security guard on Michigan Ave back in '07.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hater Of The Week-Political Propaganda

Here's the problem with this right here. Chicago's crime rate has risen 18 % from 2007 to 2008. Republican's are attacking Barack arguing that while serving as an Illinois senator and during his days as a communnity activist Obama didn't do enough to make violent crime a priority. Specifically, they point to Obama's votes on gun legislation and the death penalty. Here's the truth:

1. Guns-June 2008 the Supreme court voted 5-4 in court case D.C vs Heller declaring all US citizens have the right to bear arms.

2. Police-The Chicago Police Dept has hired 3 different police supt. between 1998 -2008 Terry Hilliard, Phil Cline and Jody Weis a former FBI agent form PA. Also the Dept of Justice recently pleged to give $2 million to the CPD to fight gang crime in Chicago

3. Death Penalty-Illinois has a moratorium since 2000 courtesy of Gov Ryan serving time for corruption charges while Sec of State in Terra Haute IN.

4. Politics-Chicago politics has been dominated by the Daley family since the 1950's the political stronghold was maintained by corrupt city patronage of precint captains. Chicago wards leaders were in charge precinct captains, some of whom were tied to the local afia or crime syndicate and delivered votes for Old Man Daley from neighborhood to neighborhood.

so Obama and many other Illinois public servants inherited Chicago's political cliamte he didn't invent City clout and corruption.

So Sexy-Lisa Raye And Jennifer Hudson Derek Blanks Photos

Behind The Hate-Guns And Rock N Roll
Chicago Police Officer David Banks said the shooting occurred at about 4:15 a.m. August 18th in the 100 block of West Ohio Street. Curtis Ellis, 25, of the 3400 block of West Ohio Street died about 20 minutes after Ellis drove to Stroger Hospital.

The victim and the suspect were at a birthday party Sunday night for NBA player Antoine Walker at the Excalibur Nightclub, 632 N. Dearborn a CPD source says the shooting may have been retaliation for the victim having testified in a court case last year, a law enforcement source said. An unidentified 30 year old was also shot remained hospitalized in critical condition.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Behind The Hate-Tom Slick's Rebate And Switch
Tom Slick's Rebate and Switch police sting took place Sunday at 2906 S. Archer. The fake business office dubbed Tax Recovery Experts, Inc. was located in Bridgeport Mayor Richie Rich's old hood. Some of those arrested were so confused by the arrests one of the fugitives asked if he could use his stimulus check to help pay his bail.

Just to put salt in the wound some of the criminals had their vehicles towed by the Crook County sheriff's due to revoked driving privileges cashing in about $6,000 which covered the cost of the operation. Tom Slick had this to say about the sting's success "We honed in on what is probably people's prevailing motivator at times, which is greed"