Thursday, August 6, 2009

Trendsetters-First Day Text
if jeremih sings birthday sex at the bud billiken day parade it would be all good because he would just be another r&b dude promoting an album. but now that the morgan park, u of i and columbia college alum decides to use his celebrity to speak on getting an education the chicago media don't want jeremih to tweet cps students to go back to school. if parents took they're damn kids to school ron huberman wouldn't need celebrities to convince chicago students to attend the first day of school. so the media can kill that noise and themselves because the cps could have picked the pied piper of r&b to skeet tweet the kids. what parents need to do is be parents because these same kids are following jeremih on twitter and downloading his ringtones on the iphones and crikets they're moms and pops got them for their birthday.

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